Friday, January 20, 2012

Swimming Pool

The water is lukewarm and there is no breeze blowing whatsoever. The heat wave drains out all his energy and by the time he gets home from work, getting into the pool seems too much of an effort. His girlfriend sent him a text saying that she will be a few hours late after their server crashed. He grabs a ice cold beer out of the fridge, opens it, takes it outside and lies down on the deckchair underneath a tree.
About an hour later he wakes up from a nap with water splashing onto him. He looks into the pool and sees his girlfriend in there. He sits up and smiles at her, while rubbing his eyes and waking up properly. The sun has started to go down and its almost dark out and a soft breeze picked up, just enough so slightly cool down in a way.
“How was your day,” he asks her.
“It was long, it wasn’t that hot as our air conditioner was on all day but when I left it felt like I walked into a oven,” she says.
“I had a busy day at the office, felt like I was there for days,” he says and she can hear he is tired.
“Come join me in the pool,” she says with her seductive tone inside her voice. He gets up, takes off his shirt a and jumps into the pool with only his boxers. He swims towards her and kisses her passionately. He feels her nipples, growing harder, through her bikini top.
“I wish I can home to this everyday,” he whispers in her ear.
“If you play your cards right, it could become a possibility,” she says and he follows that comment with a kiss in her neck. She moans slightly and picks up her legs and wraps it around his waist. He walks around the pool with her, kissing her and then kissing her neck, her arms around his neck and her green eyes looking at him. He walks to the wall of the pool, softly pushes her against the wall of the pool. He pulls the strings to her bikini and it falls down. He moves it to the side and lets it float off. He kisses her breasts, her nipples growing harder being exposed to the water.
She feels his cock grown harder underneath her, she pulls up his face from her breasts, he looks at her and she kisses him again, passion overflowing them.
“Take off your boxers,” she whispers. She unhooks her legs from him , she turns around and grabs the edge of the pool. She floats in the water and realises it is completely dark out by now. He starts to kiss her shoulder and pushes his body tightly against her. She can feel his cock pressing against her lower back. His hands fondle her breasts and she releases a moan. He turns her around and kisses her passionately. He lifts her legs and pulls her towards him, he never realised would be so easy in the water, a person is weightless basically and that makes it so much easier. He pushes her down over him and she moans with ecstacy.
He thrust himself deeper and pushing her tightly against the wall of the pool. He starts to make back and forth movements with his waist and moans as the water breezes over his cock. He stops and then walks with her to the steps of the pool. He bends his knees and he then puts her down on the, top step. She leans back and he starts to thrust himself onto her again, she moans softly as he continues. Her nipples are hard and her face is flushed , he knows he is doing a good job. A while later she tries to grab hold of the step as she reaches her climax. She tries to moan as soft as she can seeing that they are in the backyard but the final pitch is louder than what expected.
He looks at her and laughs, “I am glad you enjoyed that babe.” 

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Welcome Back Home

It’s been ages since they last saw each other and Kate is pacing up and down the airport arrivals. She’s been there for an hour, she knew she didn’t have to be there so long before the time but sitting at home waiting was driving her crazy. She looked at the arrivals board and saw that his flight landed fifteen minutes ago. She couldn’t wait to see him after the long time apart. The doors of the terminal opened and a few people emerged to see their loved ones. There was one man who bent down on one knee to embrace his two beautiful kids.  Kate’s hands were moist and her heart was sitting in her throat but when she saw Jack walking through those doors she knew the wait was well worth it. When he saw her he walked to her and dropped his bags on the floor. He smiled at her and then their lips embraced in a passionate long awaited kiss. To Kate it felt like the whole world around her stopped and he felt warm and happy to be home. Kate walked slightly ahead and led him to where her car was parked.

The music on the radio made him feel back home and the bad drivers on the road too. The whole drive home he felt the urge to put his hand on hers but he didn’t want to overdo it. He was happy to be back and it was wonderful that she made time to pick him up. Of everyone he knew he couldn’t think of anyone who he would rather want to have seen first. He looked at her while they were driving and realised how beautiful she really was.

She pulled up in his driveway and he invited her in for some coffee. He knew how much she loved her coffee and the coffee he had on the flight home was nothing better that cheap instant coffee. He dropped his bags in the doorway and walked to the kitchen to switch on the percolator. Kate opened the back door for some fresh air and stood in the doorway looking out at the great view he had of Cape Town.  Jack walked up behind her and wrapped his arms around her. His head rested on her shoulder and his lips millimetres away from her neck. He smelled her sweet and soft perfume he had so longed for the thirteen months he was away.
“I missed you,” he said without thinking about it. It was the first time in ages that he let himself do something or say something before analysing it in his head first.  Kate closed her eyes trying to save this moment forever.
“I missed you too,” she said in her soft voice. Jack softly kissed her neck and found that he had awakened some lusty feeling he had about her for ages. He tried to set it aside but now it was time to let it go. She turned around and kissed Jack with all the intention in the world.  Jack put his arms around her and gave her a long and warm hug.  Was this the right time, he thought to himself.

He made the coffee while Kate went to the bathroom to freshen up. It was a very hot summer’s day and to him it was heaven and long waited for. He put down their coffee on the coffee table and took a seat on one of the couches. Kate emerged from the bathroom and walked over to his fish tank.
“I don’t think your landlady fed the fish,” she said as he then noticed that there was no fish left in the tank what so ever.
“I can’t believe it, I hire someone to look after them and then they die anyway,” he said looking very disappointed.
“Don’t worry, we can go buy you new ones,” Kate said with a wicked smile. It was just fish after all, she thought. He smiled at her and put his arm around her.
“Did you just say, we?” he asked.  She didn’t know what to say because he was such a difficult person to please; she wished she knew what he wanted her to say.
“Well, that is if you wanted me to tag along on a fish finding expedition,” she answered. She didn’t really know what she meant by that but she knew she wanted to spend time with him. Jack turned to her and looked her in her eyes with his hand holding onto her cheekbone.
“I would like that very much,” he said and leaned forward and kissed her. She closed her eyes and felt an indescribable pleasure. Jack knew that if he wanted to do something it would be a better bet by doing it now rather than chickening out later.
He took her by the hand and led her to his bedroom. Kate knew what she was letting herself into and so did he. Once they were inside his room he pushed her gently against the wall where he kissed her passionately. He has waited so long to kiss her and now he can’t get enough. Kate moves her hands down his waist and slips her hands underneath his shirt and takes it off. Jack is somewhat relieved that she is making the first move in that department. Jack slowly unbuttons her blouse and reviles her big soft breasts in her black bra. He slides his behind her back and unhooks it. She takes off her blouse and the bra and drops it to the floor. His hand caresses her soft white breasts. He slowly moves forward to kiss them. Slowly her nipples harden at he wonderful feeling of his warm mouth.  Kate undoes his belt and his jean button, unzips the jean and feels his hard dick in his boxers. Jack slides down her skirt and underwear and leaves it on his carpet. He leads her to his bed while kissing her. She sits down at the foot of the bed looking deeply into his eyes. He drops his jean and boxers to the floor and walks closer to her. He gently pushes her down on the bed and kisses her in the neck. He slowly moves down and licks her soft and tender breasts. Kate has waited for this moment a very long time. She has waited for him like he asked her to and the entire time they were split up he didn’t touch another girl. She didn’t know that or thought of it really. Jack moves down her stomach towards her wet vagina but stops just before her panty line.

He moves closer to her and his right hand slides up her left thigh and finally his fingers slowly rubs against her wet pussy lips. Kate takes a deep breath and slowly breaths out, he stops and lift her right leg gently. He looked into her eyes looking for some kind of reassurance; she looked at him and then pulled his head closer and kissed him with so much passion. To him that was all he needed and on that moment he thrust himself into her. She felt overwhelmed and so did he. He slowly moved his waist back and forth with her hand resting on it. She moaned softly and he breathed deeper.  He kissed her as he was making love to her. He touched and kissed her soft and tender breasts. Her hands caressed his waist, arms and back. She could feel her orgasm approaching and so could he.  She started to moan loader by ever stroke and grab onto the sheet. He held back as long as he could and finally exploded. He finished with two last deep and hard stokes. He then lay down beside her out of breath. She leaned over and kissed him and then rested her head on his chest, listening to his hart beating faster than normal. He put his arm around her and the other one underneath his head.

“So, how about that coffee,” he asked. 

Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Long day at the office

Brad walks into his house and closes the door behind him. He gently puts down his briefcase and starts to undo his tie. He can hear the noise in the kitchen and knows his wife is cooking up a storm. Brad walks into the kitchen and his wife sees him from the corner of her eye and turns around to greet him. Brad wraps his arms around her and kisses her passionately.  She can’t remember the last time he was so suggestive. He lifts her skirt and softly touches her thighs. He then grips her tightly and picks her up and puts her down on the kitchen counter.

“Who made you so horny today,” she jokes.

“I just missed you,” he replies and continues to undress her.

He unbuttons her blouse and kisses her from her neck to her breasts as he continues. She caresses him in his neck and head, tilting her own head slightly back. Brad unhooks her bra and kisses her breasts and then leads to sucking her right nipple. He stops to take off his own shirt.

“It is a tad bit hot in here,” he mutters.

He takes off her underwear and drops it to the floor, he takes off his belt and drops his pants and boxers to the floor too. He pulls her closer thrust himself upon her, penetrating her deeply, making her moan hard. He slowly continues to move back and forth. She wraps her legs around his ass pulling him closer. His one hand rests on her waist as the other plays with her breast. Her nipples are hard and he can feel her moistness, he is glad that she enjoys it. He wasn’t sure how she would react to the random act of pleasure.

They continue for a period of time, some moments and actions slightly faster than others. Their bodies were damp from sweat, the heat was high in the kitchen with the pots cooking and the sexual tension between them. She moans higher and he can see-in her eyes that she is about to cum. He looks her deeply in her eyes and moves faster to give her the edge, as she cums he lets go of his load too, both of them moaning loudly. He finished off with a few more strokes. He rests his head on her shoulder, she strokes his head gently.

“Want to continue this in the bedroom?” she asks. 

Friday, July 29, 2011


Jessica lies outside on the sun chair trying to get some sort of a tan. She wears a black pair of sunglasses with a blue hat to keep away the sun. Jack gets out of the pool and looks at his naked lover with lust and passion.

“Would you like some watermelon?” Jack asks.

“That would actually be nice right now!” Jessica mutters.  Jack gets some watermelon from the kitchen and comes back outside. He takes a seat in between her legs, his back facing her one leg and her other leg rested over his knees.  Jack takes a piece of watermelon and starts to rub it over her thigh and Jessica pulls her leg up.

“That is very cold you know,” she says with a smile.

“I know, just relax,” he adds.

Jack takes some watermelon and rubs it over her stomach, over her breasts resulting into a big nipple stand. He rubs the fruit all over her body and over her pussy. Jessica just lies back while her lover massages the fruit over her. She can feel how sticky her body is becoming but she lets him continue with it. He puts a piece on her pussy and then he starts to lick her from her ankles. He moves slowly up her tanned legs and up her thighs. He can hear his lover softly moan as he continues. He kisses her hips and move up her stomach to her big soft breasts that is exposed to the hot fresh air.

His tonge plays around her hard and dry nipple until his mouth consumes it.  She looses her hands in his hair enjoying every moment. He can hear her moans slightly harder as he is now closer to her mouth. He loves the sound to her moaning and can feel his cock starting to arouse.  She starts to lift her left leg but Jack grabs it with his right hand and pushes it back down. He then moves from her breasts to her neck and then passionately he kisses her while he caresses her breasts. 

He starts to move down again slowly from her neck to her beasts all the way down until he reaches her invisible panty line. He starts to kiss her there and then he slowly consumes the watermelon that he left on her pussy. She feels the pressure of his teeth as he pushes his mouth down to get a beter grab, once it all has been pushed into his mouth he leans upwards and kisses her with watermelon in his mouth. Their tongues finally find away through all the mellon and embrace in a lustful kiss.

He slips in between her leg and lifts her left leg and rests it on his shoulder. His cock is hard and all he can think of her is hot and moist pussy.  He thrusts himself upon her, making her moan harder than earlier. He loves that sound and wants to pleasure her even more. He moves in and out deeply at a regular pace giving her just enough pleasure for now. He bends his head down and eats her big floppy breast. He thrusts deep each time and now moving a bit faster.

“Lets switch” Jessica struggles to get out. Jack slowly pulls out and they switch positions. Jessica spreads her legs open and slides onto Jack, moaning. He rests his hands on her hips as she moves back and forth. Jessica uses the arms of the sunchair to hold onto. Jack plays around with her breasts while she moves her hips.  Jack moves down his one hand and starts to rub her clit.

He can see her cheeks flushing red and her moaning becomes more louder. She tilts her head backwards and moans load as she cums all over his hard cock . He moves her faster as she cums wanting her to enjoy each sensation. She leans forward and rests her head on his chest. Jack kisses her forehead and smiles. 

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

A meeting between old lovers

It’s a cold winter and the two of you made plans to meet up in the cabin in the woods. It has been ages since you last saw her. The drive over there takes ages and the roads are soaking wet. You finally pull up to the cabin and you see her car already there with the lights in the cabin burning. You switch off the ignition and you get out of the car and walk to the boot to get your rucksack.

The door to the cabin opens and there she stands, her soft eyes smiling at you. She leans against the door waiting for you to come in as it is freezing. She wears a dark blue jean with t-shirt and a long grey jersey. You smile back at her, close the boot and walks up the wooden stairs. Your arm slides in between her arm and her back. You grip her tightly and pull her closer; you lean down and kiss her passionately. You slowly walk inside still kissing her.

You drop your bag to the floor and close the door with your foot. She already started a fire and a duvet and pillows has already been placed on the floor in front of the fireplace. There is two glasses of white wine standing on the side. You stop kissing her and then give her a big hug. 

"I missed you" she whispers in your ear. 

"My sweet, I have missed and longed for you" you return.

You unlock your embrace and inhale the air of freedom, however brief it may be. Two weeks are at least something you think to yourself.  You take off her jersey and you kiss her again, the passion between the two of you, have never left. Her arms sneak in under your jacket and she takes it off. You see her nipples harden underneath her shirt and you realise that she isn't wearing a bra. You feel your dick harden for her. You struggle to keep your hands off her body. It runs all over her body, her breasts, her neck and her tight ass in those jeans. You lift her up put her down on the sofa. You knock off your shoes and then you take off her t-shirt exposing her soft big breasts.

Your hands fondle them and your mouth covers her left nipple. You can hear her moaning softly, your hand caresses her other breast. You start to kiss her all over and move downwards. You unbutton her jean and unzip it, you pull off her jeans and start to kiss her from her foot to her calf's to her thighs and then on her pussy over her underwear. Your finger slips in and you can feel her hot and moist pussy calling you. You take off her underwear and you start to lick her pussy lips. She moans and brushes her hand in your hair
"Oh baby," she moans. You are glad that you can still provide her with pleasure. You slip in two fingers while you suck her clit, her breaths are deeper and she moves her waist. 

"Baby stop, oh god, stop," she struggles to let out. You stop at once worried that you did something wrong. She can see it on your face and smiles.

"It's all good, it’s just, the first time i want to cum today, I want you inside me," she says with a smile.

You sigh of relieve, you kiss her her again passionately. She slides off your shirt and brushing her hands through your thick set of chest hair. She kisses you from your neck to your shoulder. 

"You have a lot of tension in your neck baby" she says. She sits down of the sofa with her legs spread open. 

"Sit here between my legs with your back facing me," she says with a broad smile.

You give her one more kiss and do what she asked. She starts to massage the back of your neck with her thumbs almost on your head. You feel the stress floating away and you remember that with her you can be yourself. She moves onto your shoulder and while she massages them she kisses your neck. Later she moves her hands down towards your pants and unbuckles your belt. She gets up and moves to the front of you. She slowly takes off your trousers and your boxer. She kisses the tip of your dick, then up your dick, up your stomach and then finally she kisses you on your mouth.

She wraps her legs around you and sits closely. She takes your hard dick in her hand and starts to wank it. You slightly push her back and play with her breasts. You both have longed for each other. You pick her up and drop her on the duvet in front of the the fire. 
"I have waited months for this my sweet," you say to her brushing some hair off her face. She looks at you with so much love and smiles.

"So have I, baby" she says.

You kiss her and while kissing her you slowly enter her making her moan with each millimeter it enters. She had forgotten how thick your dick was. With your one hand resting in her neck and the other on her waist, you move slowly in and out resulting in her moaning. You love the way she moans. You lift yourself and then you wrap her right leg over you shoulder. You start to move back and forth with both of you feeling the pleasure. After a while you move and she is on top of you, riding you slow and deep. You carers her beautiful breasts dangling in front of you. She bites her lower lip and closes her eyes. 

"Sweet, are you close?" you ask. 

"mmm, very" she mutters. 

You swifts her over to the floor, you put your hand in her neck and holding with your other hand pushing hers down on to the floor with your fingers entwined. You move faster than before but deep making her moan loud. You look deeply into her eyes as she cums with a loud yell and her body moving upwards. You give a push a few times more and then kiss her. You look deeply into her eyes and know that this is where you want to be. 

Thursday, May 19, 2011

Surprise Visit

Jessica hears the alarm clock in the distance and the sound grows louder and louder until she realizes that her alarm clock is trying to wake her up. She slams it with her hand and the overbearing beeping comes to a stop. She moans to herself, feeling that she could do with another few hours of sleep. She picks up the phone and tries to call Lluis but no one answers. He must have gone to work earlier today, she thought to herself. Jessica gets up and takes a shower before she goes to her meeting. The warm water runs over her naked body, she rubs the sponge all over her breasts and longs for her lover. It has been four weeks since she last saw him, she hopes that this court case gets wrapped up soon. She was not only just longing for his love but also her own bed. She steps out of the shower and wraps a towel around herself and starts to blow-dry her long blond hair. She hears a knock from the front door but ignores it and continues to do her hair. The knocking gets louder and fewer apart until she decides to walk to the door and pulls it open, not being in a very good mood.

“I did not order room service this morning,” she sort of shouts and then only realizes that it is, Lluis, with a bunch of roses and a sweet smile on his face.

“Are you sure, I can always take myself back to the kitchen,” he mutters. Her face lights up and pulls him in by his arm and slams the door shut. He drops the flowers to the table and pushes his lover against the wall, kissing her with longing, lust and passion. Jessica starts to unbutton his shirt and then unbuckles his belt. She wanted him really badly and that feeling was clearly mutual. Lluis loosened the towel around her breasts and it then fell to the floor. He kisses her breasts and licks them, he longed for them! He slides down to the floor and starts to lick her clit and opens her pussy lips with his fingers. Jessica moans as the pleasure shoots through her body. He continues while his left hand plays with her left breast above his head.
He slowly moves up and kisses her whole body until he reaches her mouth and kisses her with passion. He picks up her legs and wraps them around his waist. He slowly forces his hard dick into her pussy making her moan louder. He starts to fuck her against the wall and moves deep and hard. Her arms are wrapped around his neck and she kisses him while he fucks her, with her moaning in between. She gives a slight scream as she cums all over him. He slowly stops and his breaths are fast and short in between. He puts her feet down against the floor and kisses her once more. 

She leads him to a chair and makes him sit down. She puts her mouth over his dick head and starts to suck hard. She hears him moan softly and feels his hand on her head. She sucks him hard and fast until he pulls her closer to him. He kisses her and then spreads her legs open and apart. She moves closer and sits over his lap and slowly moves down onto his hard and thick dick, making them both moan at once. She now takes the lead and rides him hard and deep making her want to cum but she tries to keep it back, she wants him to cum fist. Her breasts moving with each stroke she gives. He plays with her nippels and gently bites it making her moans even more. He leans his head back and moans loudly, she moves faster until she feels his cum shoot inside her. She continues a little while longer until she cums over his dick. She comes to a stop and leans her head on his shoulder, both breathing shallowly. Her eye glances at the time on the alarm clock behind them.

“Oh shit,” she shouts and jumps up.
“I’m late for a meeting,” she mutters out while getting dressed in panic. 

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Letter to Lluis

It has been three weeks and Jessica is still away on business and Lluis missed her company. He resorted back to his old life reading books and seeing his kids. He came back from work and took out the post and threw it down on the kitchen counter. He took out a beer from the fridge, opened it and started drinking it while he browsed through the mail. A letter addressed to him in a yellow envelope and it looked as if it was sent by a woman. He took his beer and letter and sat down on the couch and started to read the letter:

Dear Lluis

I miss your body so much! At night I think on you while I masturbate and was wondering if you did the same, I decided to write you a little story to show you how much I long for you.

I stand in front of the mirror after I got out of the shower and I see you coming into the room. You come stand behind me and you kiss my neck. I can feel your hands sliding down my bare back and down to my ass. My breath slowly grows deeper as your hands move slowly to the front part of my body. I can feel your dick growing behind me and that makes me so excited. I tilt my head backwards and lean it on your shoulder, your hands fondle my breasts and you lips in my neck.
Your hands move down over my stomach and find their way to my short pubic hair. You whisper in my ears to get down on my knees and I do as I am asked. You untie your belt and drop your pants to the floor.
You kneel behind me and you start to caress me again starting my my neck. I can feel your naked dick pushing against my ass and resulting in myself moaning slightly. You spread my legs wider apart and I feel your fingers slipping into my pussy. I smile and moan as you continue to pleasure me with your firm fingers. You slowly push me to the floor and turn me around. You take your right hand and lift up my left leg and wrap it around your ass. You bend down to kiss me passionately and while we kiss I feel your hard dick enters me, making me kiss you with more passion. You fuck me slowly but deep making me moan softly with each stroke. You fondle my breasts and nibble on my nipples, increasing my pleasure. I can feel the muscles in your body move. You take my hands and pushes them above my head and onto the floor where you hold them down with one hand. You start to fuck me slightly faster and you keep your brown  eyes locked onto mine. Your chest moves against my breasts with each thrust you give. I can see the veins in your neck becoming more clearer and to me that is a sign. You fuck me faster now until I feel your hot cum shoot inside my body. You continue to finish off with a last few thrusts and by the third one I explode of pure pleasure. After one last and hard push you fall down besides me. You put your left arm underneath my neck and there we lay, both breathless and pleased.

I hope you liked it babe! I will be home in a few days I hope x